Monday, July 22, 2013

全滅-Annihilation: Konton Crasher Omnibus and Violent Party-Poison Mixers 12" OUT NOW!!!

全滅-Annihilation: Konton Crasher Omnibus
Finally out! 全滅 - Annihilation is a collection of 4 of the most brutal current bands in North America right now!
TOTAL WAR from Vancouver kicks this 12" off with fast and thrashy mangel/råpunk! Total War goes straight for the throat from the start and doesn't let up through all of their tracks!
Next up is DISABLE delivering the noise of Stoke on Trent via Japan via Atlanta raging D-Beat!  Disclose, Discharge and Disaster would be proud!
TRUNCHEONS are up first on the B side. Noisy and crashing punk with female vocals! Montreal's answer to Confuse and Disorder!
ASPECTS OF WAR finish this omnibus. Absolutely brutal, heavy and noisy D-Beat from Boston!  The musical equivalent of a bomb blast! ShitClose Raw Punk!!!

500 copies total
100 red vinyl
100 white vinyl(available from the bands ONLY!)
Gatefold jacket
Front cover artwork by Alex Warhead
Back cover artwork by Corbin Claire

Violent Party-Poison Mixers 12"
Violent Party are back with a new 12" of their brand of brutal noize punk!!! By far their best material to date!!! Vicious and heavily distorted raw punk with a nod to Japan.
500 copies
All black vinyl
Split release between 混沌 Crasher and Imminent Destruction(UK)