Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Take classic Scandinavian bands like Riistetyt, Mob47, Kaaos and the obvious Varaus and Crude S.S. then filter it through Japan and you have Varaus S.S.. Existing from 2003 until 2007 and fitting in well with the likes of Poikkeus, Laukaus and Persevere, Varaus S.S. recorded three demos and drunkenly gigged around. This 10" MLP contains tracks from the first two demos and the entire unreleased third demo plus unreleased live takes. Fans of Finnish, Swedish or any Scandi styled hardcore punk will not want to miss this!!!
Split label release between Konton Crasher(U.S.) and Narm Discos(Japan).
600 copies. 200 red covers. 200 pink covers. 200 black covers. All records include 1 large and 1 Medium Varaus S.S. button and either a red or black sticker. KNTN-004E-10/ND11MLP

Interview with Varaus S.S. done by Narm Discos:
Q. When was Varaus S.S. formed and stopped?
A. From 2003 to 2007.

Q. What are your past releases?
A. 3 demo cds and 1 compilation. The third demo was supposed to be put out of a Belgium label, but they ripped off. So, this MLP contains lots of unreleased songs.

Q. What are your favorite bands?
A. Riistetyt, Varaus, Kaaos, Mob47, Tetsu Array, Paintbox, Forward and more and more. I love so many bands and get influenced all the time when I go to gigs.

Q. How did you all meet each other?
A. We had played in a band called Vicious Murder, and the vocal was left and simply and naturally we started Varaus S.S.

Q. Have members played in other bands before Varaus S.S.?
A. As I told we were in Vicious Murder. None before.

Q. How come you name Varaus S.S.?
A. We just mixed our favorites band's names together. Varaus and Crude S.S. We wanted to play like them. We aren't sure if we have become like them. haha

Q. What do you think about this release? and any plans to start over?
A. We ave really happy about this release. Thank you Konton Crusher and Narm Discos. We didn't have much time and chances so that nobody asked for releases!! Well, most of time we didn't bring own instruments to practices or even gigs, we got drunk and borrowd someone's... So, it may be thought anybody didn't want to even talk with us! haha We don't know if we play again. But we don't think we were braken up. Varaus S.S. is still living in our hearts and may be played again. Might be playing for celebration of this release.