Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Chaos Coming Soon!!!...

Get ready to get DEAF!!!
Coming soon...

KNTN_007L-全滅-Annihilation: 混沌 Crasher Omnibus LP (4 way split LP featuring Total War, Disable, Truncheons and Aspects of War. Being mastered now at Mammoth Sound!!!)

KNTN-008L-Violent Party-Poison Mixers LP (out very soon!!!)

KNTN-009E-Contrast Attitude- Stand Up and Fight Now! EP (at the pressing plant! out soon!!!)

Also in the works....
KNTN-010E-Contrast Attitude/Aspects of War split EP (available on tour!)
KNTN-011E-Sex Dwarf EP
KNTN-012E-Warthreat EP
KNTN-013E-Total War EP
KNTN-014E-Koszmar-Nuklearna Supremacja EP